Why Born to Ride?

In direct correlation with our mission as an organization, we are proud to present the Born To Ride scholarship program to support those interested in becoming safe, responsible motorcycle riders. Our goals with this program is: 

Am I Eligible?

The short answer is probably. We require our candidate to:

Outside of that, we require applicants to complete our one-page application form and submit it to us. We review our applications and select candidates based on a panel review system.



Verify Eligibility


Submit An Application

Download our fillable pdf application and complete it. Then, email it to us at borntoride@brassbrotherhood.com to complete the submission.

By submitting an application, you are authorizing a review of your drivers license record with the State of Wisconsin or other applicable states where a drivers license has been held. This is used to determine eligibility for our program.


Wait Patiently

We review applications via a scholarship panel. Once applications are reviewed, you will hear back one way or the other if you have been accepted. We have yet to review your application if you have not received a coorisponance from us.


As a recipient of our scholarship, you will receive the following: