The Brass Brotherhood LEMC Mission

The Brass Brotherhood is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LEMC) that is dedicated to the support of our brothers who serve and the belief in the principles America was founded on, freedom. The Brass Brotherhood LEMC believes in bridging the gaps between serviceman and civilian, for the establishment of a cohesive unit. Our mission is to support anti-profiling for the biker community through education of the motorcycle club world and to show that traditional "LEMC" stereotypes do not have to exist for all. The strength of the Brass Brotherhood LEMC relies on the trinity of Honor, Valor and Loyalty as is exhibited by its membership.Β 

Who Are The Brass Brotherhood?

The Brass Brotherhood LEMC, although non-traditional due to the careers of its members, strives to provide respect to the community of motorcycle clubs. We do not condone any illegal activities that may occur through 1% or other traditional motorcycle clubs, but do not discriminate solely by affiliation. It is our mission to promote anti-profiling for bikers and education on what motorcycle club culture is really about, brotherhood! As we exist as a subsection of the set created by these dominant clubs, we look to respect the traditions and protocols set by these traditional predecessors. We strive to show that the "LEMC" stigmas do not ring true for all.

Territory & Demeanor

The Brass Brotherhood LEMC originates from Wisconsin, however, we do not claim any territory or ownership to any particular geographic area. Instead, chapters will display their state of origin for their chapter. As for our demeanor amongst the set, we believe in the "give respect, get respect" methodology for our mission to show that traditional "LEMC" stereotypes are not always true, although we understand we can never truly integrate completely.